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Cristina García


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March 2018 - March 2019

Die Design

Besides graphic design, literature is my great passion. Since 2015, I usually participate in poetry, spoken word and slam competitions, so in 2018 I thought about launching my own interactive poetry book.

I was very interested in the idea of an interactive book because in the recitals where I was performing, the audience participated in the show putting a note to each poet (Slam Poetry), so I decided that my readers should be the protagonists of the book. In this way, I wanted to eliminate the idea that going to a poetry recital, like reading a book of poetry, is something boring.

And what is the opposite of boredom? Games! I designed a book of poetry in which each poem was accompanied by a game that the reader had to solve: a crossword puzzle, a word search, a cut-out... The title of my book was 'Poesía contra tu aburrimiento' (Poetry Against Your Boredom).

cover book
cover book
map game
legs game
way game
maths game

The reasons for making this book were many. It was a 100% entrepreneurial project, so I was excited. The target audience was urban men and women, from 18 to 30 years old, who had hardly had any contact with the world of poetry.


A website was soon needed to explain the project, as well as a brief summary of my professional life as a poet.

But the big boom really came with the social networks. I developed a very powerful campaign in Instagram and Instagram TV with a launch video in vertical format, comfortable, fresh and with a lot of humor to launch the product.

In addition, I posted some more artistic videos on YouTube reciting poems with special effects that nodded to the book's illustrated aesthetic. The videos had a more emotional aspect, since in this social network the public was more adult and conservative.

The book was edited, written, layout and illustrated by me, and the videos and the website were also part of my work. It took a year to complete, but the project is still alive and is in a phase of expansion and distribution. I am currently preparing the second edition.

cover book