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Editorial design


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Cristina García


Time and company

January 2017 - February 2018

Die Design

In 2017 I started a personal project to promote literature among teenagers.

The majority of high school students do not want to read the classic books sent to them by their teachers. They think they are boring. That's why I launched a blog that tried to make those books more attractive by redesigning their covers. Most of these books have very dark, serious, boring covers, and it's hard for young people to be curious about them.

First, I designed my blog using the wordpress platform, with a simple and intuitive environment. I called it 'No juzgues por la portada' (Don't judge by the cover) because covers are going to be a dramatic role in this project. Then, I created a logo for the blog based on glasses that would give a new approach to literature.

website covers
explanation logotype blog

Then, I focused on locating titles of classics of any genre to read, meditate on and write about. Later, I would sketch and design the covers for each one.

sketch 1
sketch 2

Finally, I wrote on my blog every two weeks, next to the new cover, about the content of the book in a close and fresh way: I summarized it in a comic phrase, gave reasons to read it or not to read it and explained if the story could happen again.

I made the project known in some high schools and it was used as didactic material for some teachers. In total, I came to speak and design about twenty-five books.

Platero y yo
Alice in Wonderland
The little prince
Heart of darkness
Los renglones torcidos de Dios