Incubicon: how to
dynamize Instagram


Project type

Digital Marketing

Social Media



Time and company

February - July 2019


Structuralia has a brand, Incubicon, that was growing a lot in social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. This brand is focused on a target really young: graduates or master students, under 35. These are people passionate about engineering and new technologies, who want to learn about BIM, Big Data or Blockchain. It was the perfect time to create the Incubicon Instagram.

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Our target is conservative, but young, modern and dynamic. We launched a line of fresh and modern images, very much in line with new design trends. We focused the themes on very conceptual elements, such as large buildings, data and new technologies. We chose the main corporate colors of the Incubicon brand.

Instagram picture
Instagram picture
Instagram picture

As for the texts, we enhanced the interaction with users through questions and several draws. In general, the interaction was almost immediate and many users asked for more information on several masters.