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April - December 2017


Structuralia is a company that is dedicated to educate of engineers and architects for more that 15 years. Structuralia's old logo was powerful, but a little old-fashioned and the company wanted to comunicate new news and values: internationality, experience, technique and modernity.

I decided to create a new concept really based to in the old esence: similar coulours and esthetic, but I added a new environment of freshness and elegance. That is the result:

logotype: before and after
logotype process
responsive logotype

This new logo was included and adapted in a multitude of corporate material for the brand: diplomas, brochures, business cards, folders, envelopes, letters... In addition, a newer and more modern version of the newsletter was created which included this new logo. Moreover, we designed a branding book and different online and offline branding material.

brandbook 1
brandbook 2
branding material
branding material
ID material
newsletter idea